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Case Results - The Mayer Law Firm

You can be assured that the attorneys at the Mayer Law Firm will fight for your rights and will work to ensure that you get the very best results based on your specific circumstances. The following is a sampling of some of the results that Attorney Mayer has obtained for his clients. However, it is important to understand that no two cases are the same, and similar results cannot be guaranteed.

OVI / Misdemeanors

Our client was charged with possession of a controlled substance after police found a narcotic pain pill in the center console of a car he was driving. The case proceeded to a jury trial and Attorney Mayer successfully established that several people had access to the vehicle and its center console. After deliberating for less than 30 minutes, the jury acquitted our client of all charges.

Our client was charged with a high test OVI after his breath test was more than three times the legal limit. Attorney Mayer filed a motion to suppress evidence arguing that officers lacked reasonable suspicion to stop our client's vehicle. After holding a suppression hearing, the trial court denied the motion to suppress and found that reasonable suspicion existed. Attorney Mayer appealed the decision of the trial court and won. The court of appeals reversed the trial court and held that officers lacked any legal basis to stop our client. The charges against our client were dismissed.

Our client was charged with assault. The evidence against her included an alleged confession that was obtained without proper Miranda warnings. Attorney Mayer filed a motion to suppress statements and cross-examined the officers at a suppression hearing. The trial court agreed that any statements made by our client were illegally obtained. All charges were ultimately dismissed.

Sex Offenses

Our client was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. The case was tried to a jury and Attorney Mayer was able to poke holes in the State's case and call into question the credibility of the accuser. The client, who had never been in any prior trouble, was acquitted of all charges against him. He was able to maintain a clean record, avoid being labeled a sex offender, and continue his career in the military.

Our client, a young father engaged in a custody dispute, was charged with several counts of Rape involving his minor children. The client faced life in prison if convicted. After months of defense investigation and countless hours spent preparing for trial, the case proceeded to a jury trial where Attorney Mayer picked apart the state's case and zealously cross-examined the mother of the children who had an obvious agenda. Our client was vindicated and acquitted outright of all charges against him.

In a highly publicized media case, our client was charged with Rape that allegedly occurred in a movie theatre. Attorney Mayer immediately went to work on the case and cross-examined the victim during a preliminary hearing. The hearing was covered by local press who ran a story stating that Attorney Mayer "shredded" the accuser's story during cross-examination. Once facing a felony of the first degree, our client ultimately pled guilty to a minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct and paid a fine. The case has since been expunged.

Our client was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. After charges were filed, the State determined that it lacked venue in the county were the charges were brought and dismissed them. The charges were then refiled in a neighboring county. Attorney Mayer filed a motion to dismiss on the basis that the speedy trial time had run while the state was figuring out where to charge our client. All charges were dismissed, including any requirement to register as a sex offender.

In another media case, our client, a local businessman with no prior criminal record, was charged with Rape by a victim who sought financial gain. After months of negotiations with the prosecutors, all charges were dismissed against our client for lack of evidence.

In a high-profile media case, our client, a teacher, was charged with having sex with a student. She faced over six years in prison for F3 sexual battery and F4 unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. As part of a plea agreement, our client pled no contest to M1 assault, received probation, paid a fine and does not have to register as a sex offender.

Our client, a high school student, was accused of raping a classmate. Attorney Mayer was hired on a pre-indictment basis and represented the minor child as police attempted to interview him and his family. Ultimately, the investigating detective decided not to pursue any charges against our client due to a lack of evidence and concerns over the truthfulness of the accuser.

Our client was charged with Rape arising out of a sexual encounter that occurred after a long night of drinking. The case was tried to a jury and our client was acquitted of the more serious Rape charges. Instead, he was found guilty of a lesser offense and "beat the offer" made by the State during plea negotiations.


Our client was charged with and facing life in prison for Aggravated Murder, Robbery and Weapon Under Disability stemming from a homicide that occurred at a drug house. After several months of ongoing negotiations, the state dismissed the Aggravated Murder charge and our client pled guilty to robbery. Once facing life without parole, our client was sentenced to 9 years in prison with credit for the time he served awaiting trial.

In a highly publicized media case, our clients, a retired husband and wife with no prior criminal records, were indicted and charged with felony theft and forgery. After months of negotiating with the State and rejecting multiple plea offers, the case was dismissed outright against both clients.

Our client was facing eight years in prison for Felonious Assault, a second degree felony, arising out of a stabbing. The client pled guilty to misdemeanor Assault. He was sentenced to time served and released from jail.

Our client was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide after causing an accident on the freeway. Attorney Mayer tried the case to a jury along with co-counsel Bradley Koffel. The State argued that our client was intoxicated and that alcohol was the cause of the crash. Attorneys Mayer and Koffel successfully established that a medical condition and not alcohol was the primary cause of the accident. The jury acquitted our client of the more serious aggravated vehicular homicide charge, which carried a mandatory prison sentence of up to eight years. Instead, the client served only six months in prison despite having a blood-alcohol level that was nearly twice the legal limit.

Our client was charged with F2 Aggravated Vehicular Homicide and OVI after he lost control of his vehicle, causing the death of his passenger. The State argued that our client's alcohol consumption was the proximate cause of the accident. However, Attorney Mayer successfully argued to the jury that our client's excessive speed and the alcohol consumption of the other driver were as much to blame for the accident as our client's drinking. The jury acquitted our client of the more serious alcohol-related F2 Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, and found the client guilty of the lesser offense of Reckless Vehicular Homicide. The jury was "hung" and unable to reach a verdict on the OVI charge. By prevailing on the most serious charge, our client "beat the offer" made by the State and received a lesser sentence than what had been offered.

Our client, an Ohio State engineering student with a promising future, was referred to us by another lawyer and family member. The client was charged with Felonious Assault, a felony of the second degree, stemming from a campus fight. After months of persistent negotiating with the State, our client was admitted into the court's diversion program, which is typically reserved for non-violent, low-level felonies. Our client successfully completed the program and avoided a criminal conviction. He was able to graduate from college and begin his life without being hindered by a felony record.

Our client was charged with felonious assault of two people arising out of an altercation at a bar. The case proceeded to a jury trial and the client was acquitted of half of the charges against him. The client "beat the offer" and received a prison sentence that was substantially less than the sentence that had been offered by the State during plea negotiations.

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