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Federal Crimes

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There are several crimes that are automatically categorized as federal crimes, including drug crimes, white collar crimes, Internet sex crimes, health care fraud, tax fraud, immigration violations, and firearms offenses. Other crimes can be elevated from a lesser offense to a federal charge under certain circumstances — such as if they were committed against a federal agency or on federal property. Violation of federal laws will result in federal criminal charges. These are slightly different from state charges for several reasons, including:

  • The case will be tried in federal court instead of state court
  • The penalties that you face for conviction will almost certainly be more substantial than if you were charged at the state level
  • If convicted, you will face a federal prison sentence
  • Prosecutors and investigators of federal offenses are usually more equipped and have more funding than those at the state level — meaning you need a strong defense on your side

Facing federal criminal charges can be an extremely difficult situation for anyone. If you have been arrested and charged with a federal crime, you need representation on your side that can aggressively fight these charges and help you to effectively pursue your rights in court. It is important to understand that you could face extremely harsh penalties for a criminal conviction. For this reason, it is vital to prepare for your case as much as possible.

Let 18 Years of Experience in the Ohio Judicial System Work for Your Defense

I am a Mansfield criminal defense attorney from The Mayer Law Firm, and I am licensed to practice in the federal courts in both the Northern and Southern districts of Ohio. In my 18 years of law practice, I have served clients throughout the counties of Richland, Franklin, Ashland, Crawford, Medina, Cuyahoga, Morrow, Delaware, Licking and Fairfield among others. Today, I am proud to receive many of my clients as referrals from past clients, other lawyers, and even law enforcement.

With seven years of experience as a Franklin County felony prosecutor handling a wide range of cases from theft crimes to aggravated murder, I bring a rare insider's edge and behind-the-scenes understanding to my law practice. If retained, you can be sure that I will work to help you pursue the results that you need and deserve in your criminal case. Don't wait: Call The Mayer Law Firm today to set up a free case evaluation at my Mansfield or Columbus office.

I care deeply about my clients and I am prepared to offer strong legal advice to you no matter what situation you may be facing. I recommend that you speak to me during the pre-charge or pre-indictment phase of your case because this is the best time to begin formulating a strong defense. In other words, if you've been contacted by the police and made aware that you are being investigated, now is the time to contact an experienced attorney. Call my criminal defense law firm today to discuss the charges that you face and to begin the process of pursuing the results that you need for your future.

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